May the Peas Be With You

Vegetable (un)discovery time. It’s a vegetable you were probably raised on – a staple of the homemade dinner…pre-iphone. In a time when we’re cross breeding any and all fruits and vegetables, returning the basics is never a bad idea. I’m 25 years old. I didn’t have a brussels sprout before the age of 18, a beet until I was 22 or a kale leaf until a few days ago. I know I live in a nutrition bubble where we’re all trying to find the next ‘it’ vegetable, but really lets all relax and return to this agricultural titan of a food.

These sweet, plumb chub balls are loaded with vitamins. It’s a legume that you need to bring back into the forefront of your diet. These little nuggets are loaded with  vitamin K, A, C and B6. They are also packed with fiber , 1 cup cooked has 9 grams of dietary fiber. If you need to brush up on why fiber is an important part of your diet, click here.  Lastly, 1 cup of green peas contains more protein than  1/4 cup almonds or 1 tablespoon of peanut butter. BAM!

Now I know what you’re thinking. Kim, peas are starchy. Yes, they are. But I am not recommending you fold them into mashed potatoes and spread the carbohydrate mixture on top of pizza. No, throw them into salad, mash them up with mint for a fresh side dish, or toss into soup instead of noodles, potatoes or corn. Dig in and enjoy!